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horizontal and directional drilling
  • Ventura Directional Drilling | Horizontal Drilling

    W e have been in the business of installing underground utilities using Trenchless Technology for over 12 years, performing commercial, industrial, residential, and public works.

  • Directional drilling

    Directional drilling is defined as the practice of controlling the direction and deviation of a wellbore to a predetermined underground target or location.

  • Directional boring - Wikipedia

    Directional Boring, often undifferentiated from Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), is a minimal impact trenchless method of installing underground pipe, conduit, or cables in a relatively shallow arc or radius along a prescribed underground bore path by using a surface-launched drilling rig.

  • New Hampshire Directional Drilling | Horizontal Directional ...

    HDD has proven itself to be a very effective technique for the installation of pipeline, water and sewer, power and telecommunications in sensitive and congested areas.

  • Horizontal Tech - Official Site

    Horizontal Technology, Inc., is the leading horizontal directional drilling company in the world. We welcome all inquiries, please call us toll free at 888-556-5511.

  • Motive Drilling Technologies

    Bit Guidance is a completely new method for steering the bit in horizontal and extended reach wells that goes well beyond traditional directional drilling and/or geosteering methods.

  • Maximizing Horizontal Drilling Efficiency Congress North ...

    Performance-Based Case Studies & Technical Discussions On BHA Design, New Directional Drilling Technologies, Real-Time Data Analytics & More May 15, 16 & 17, 2018 - Houston, Texas

  • Excavation Services | VIC | All Melbourne Horizontal Boring

    Searching for specialist excavation services in VIC? Stop searching and call All Melbourne Horizontal Boring now on 0419 303 230.

  • AV Drilling | Dry Under Road Boring & Horizontal Directional ...

    AV Drilling is one of the best drilling and under road boring companies providing services at affordable prices. We offer boring and drilling services in Mulgoa, Sydney, Blacktown, Campbelltown, Liverpool, inner west and south west areas.

  • Ellingson Companies Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)

    With over 80 years of combined experience, Ellingson Companies has the capabilities to get your horizontal directional drilling (HDD) project completed.

  • Horizontal Directional Drilling/Direct Pipe® Mears HDD

    pipelines and conduits for oil, gas, water, wastewater, power & fiber optic cables

  • SEDD Horizontal Directional Drilling Process | Southeast ...

    Horizontal Directional Drilling Since 1971, after Martin Cherrington successfully drilled the first directional river crossing, the industry has been moving forward.

  • TR-46: Guidelines for Use of Mini-Horizontal Directional ...

    Guidelines for Use of Mini-Horizontal Directional Drilling for Placement of High Density Polyethylene Pipe This report was developed and published with the technical help of the members of

  • Horizontal Drilling & Directional Drilling: Natural Gas Wells

    Directional drilling can reach wells that cannot be reached with a vertical well. Horizontal drilling can follow a rock layer to maximize penetration distance.

  • We-Bore-It - Official Site

    We are a reliable directional boring company offering commercial and residential directional boring services in USA. Quality directional boring service in illinois and Texas.

  • Crescent Horizontal and Directional Drilling Services

    Crescent provides a complete suite of services and precision equipment for horizontal drilling and directional drilling applications.

  • Horizontal Directional Drilling - Conduit Division

    Chapter 12 Horizontal Directional Drilling 422 Background Some of the earliest uses of large diameter PE pipe in directional drilling were for river crossings.

  • Dynomax - Vertical, Directional and Horizontal Drilling

    Dynomax is a supplier of leading performance drilling products engineered for the oil and gas industry. We provide high value products and services for vertical, directional and horizontal drilling operations worldwide.

  • Horizontal Directional Rock Drilling & Boring Adelaide,South ...

    Underground Installations Pty Ltd & Murchison Grade Control Pty Ltd Specialised Civil & Mining Contractors with Australia wide and international experience.

  • Horizontal Drilling - Directional Oil - Gas Well - Drilling ...

    Horizontal Oil & Gas drilling has become one of the most valuable technologies introduced into the business... Drilling Engineering tools and Kill sheet..

  • Dunstans | Horizontal Directional Drilling | Cable Ploughing

    In a single word Dunstans Construction Group is a company that INNOVATES and we've been doing that consistently since 1950.

  • Home - Directed Technologies Drilling

    The Efficiency of HDD. Directional drilling and horizontal wells are often more efficient than other access methods and can replace a vertical well network by maximizing the zone of influence for remediation technologies.

  • Directional Drilling Experts - Linescape LLC

    Linescape LLC is northwest based company providing directional drilling services, vactor vacuum excavation services and sweeper services throughout Oregon and Washington since 2000.

  • California Horizontal Directional Drilling - Empire HDD

    Premier horizontal directional drilling company in northern California, we take your directional boring jobs personally and promise to outperform your expectations professionally.

  • Secoroc Rock Drilling Tools Horizontal Directional Drilling

    Secoroc Horizontal Directional Drilling Products Atlas Copco Secoroc has over the years set the standard on many Horizontal Directional Drilling projects involving Hard